Story on Tunstall Nursery by Nursery World Aug 2023

Addiscombe and East Croydon have been blessed for many years with its state-maintained nursery school on Tunstall Road called Tunstall Nursery School.
As their website set out. “Maintained nurseries are unique in the childcare provision and unique to England. There are currently 392 Maintained Nursery Schools (MNS) in the country. Maintained nurseries are funded by the local authority. They were set up over 100 years ago to support young children and their families, in deprived areas. The core aims were to provide support, education and childcare for all. Many of the original principles of these early nurseries still guide MNS core values today, for example outdoor learning, holistic approach to child development –ensuring children’s wellbeing is considered alongside their educational development.

Catherine Gaunt has written a brilliant article on the importance of maintained nurseries in Croydon like Tunstall. The focus of the article is on two of the maintained nurseries near Tunstall, Crosfield and Selhurst.

You can read about the work they do and the communities they serve at Nursery World, 1st August 2023.
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