“Save the Glamorgan” Annual General Meeting

This Wednesday, at 7 pm on 28th October 2020 “The Save the Glamorgan” campaign is holding its Annual General Meeting. We will also discuss how as a community we can oppose the developer’s proposals to demolish the pub and replace it with a ten-storey building of 36 flats.

Meeting Details

The meeting will be held remotely via Zoom and to join please use this link. You will need a passcode to gain access to the Zoom meeting. You can apply for this by sending an email to [email protected].

Information on Planning Application to demolish Glamorgan Pub

The key topic for discussion will be the new planning application 19/05926/FUL, The developer proposes the demolition of the Glamorgan Public House, and the building of an ten-storey block of flats containing 36 flats. The developers proposes a much smaller licenced premises on part of the ground floor of the new building, significantly smaller than the current public house. Official Closing date for comments is 4th November 2020. If you miss this official deadline please send in your views to the council even after this date, to show your opposition to the destruction of this local landmark and community pub.

Butlers Walsall’s 10 storey block of 36 flats to replace the 170-year old Glamorgan Public House on Cherry Orchard Road, Addiscombe, Croydon

The Save the Glamorgan community group opposes the demolition of the current 170-year-old building. It supports the re-opening of the venue as a public house, which serves the whole community. The community campaign has already succeeded in getting the building listed by Croydon Council in February 2018 as an Asset of Community Value.

AGENDA for Annual General Meeting to be held on Wednesday 28th October 2020 at 7 pm

1. Approval of Minutes of the meeting held on 30th January 2020
2. Election of new Management Committee

2.1 Election of Chairperson

2.2 Election of Secretary

2.3 Election of Treasurer

2.4 Election of Campaign Co-ordinator

3. Chairperson’s report on Campaign Group’s activities over the past 12 months
4. Treasurer’s report on Campaign Group’s Finances
5. Main item of Discussion:

Planning Application submitted by Pub Owners, Butlers Walsall Limited. The developers state this is a £13.5m residential development. Their website provides more information.

6. Updates on Action Points from last meeting:

6.1  Compulsory Purchase Order: Update on informal discussions about whether to support a Compulsory Purchase Order to buy The Glamorgan freehold Ian Woodard to draft a petition in support of a CPO – IF required at this stage, depends on item 5.1

6.2 Publicity Display: Patricia Hay-Justice to proide update on likely costs and how they are dependant on our requirements

7Action Plan for the Campaign : next steps