Save the Glamorgan Campaign

We are supporting the community-led campaign to save the old Glamorgan Pub. The current owners want to demolish the building and replaced with a block of flats. The public house, on the corner of Cross Road and Cherry Orchard Road, has a history going back 150 years, as has the potential to become a cornerstone of the local community again.

The current owner has not submitted any plans since they purchased the building in 2016. Instead, they have allowed it to deteriate by allowing the building to be squatted.

Working with local residents, your local Councillors led the the successful campaign to get this building listed as an Asset of Community Value. This now gives it additional protection from being demolished. Croydon Council has changed its planning policy to give greater protection to all pubs in Croydon under Policy DM21 of the 2018 Local Plan. See page 137 of the 2018 Local Plan. The guidance is based on the work done by CAMRA in in 2014 Pub Planning Tool Kit.

The Save the Glamorgan Campaign can be contacted via their facebook page or via twitter @SaveTheGlam. The next meeting is at 7pm on April 9th 2020 at Croydon Town Hall, Katherine Street, CR0 1NX.