Labour Candidates for May 2022 Elections Selected

Addiscombe West Labour Members select Clive, Patricia and Sean as their candidates for May 2022 Local Elections.

On Saturday 6th November 2021 Addiscombe West Labour Party held hustings for its members to decide who should stand in Croydon’s May 2022 local elections. Twenty-four members attended the meeting at the Church of the Nazarene, on Lower Addiscombe Road. After listening to speeches from five candidates, and asking a series of questions on local issues, members voted for Clive, Patricia and Sean to be their candidates in 2022. Patricia and Sean are currently Councillor for Addiscombe West and will be joined by Clive Fraser, who will replace Jerry Fitzpatrick on the ballot paper, as Jerry has decided to step down after serving 20 years as a Councillor.

Picture of Clive Fraser
Portrait of Clive Fraser

The purpose of getting power is to give it away“, Nye Bevan

Clive said “In my time as a councillor, I have successfully fought to implement cooperative working. As your candidate for Addiscombe West, I will continue this campaign to develop and devolve more decision making.

Achieving better outcomes depends on addressing Croydon’s funding crisis. Croydon has lost £90 million from the annual budget due to Conservative austerity. As your candidate for Addiscombe West, I will campaign for a real fair funding deal for Croydon.

Even with fair funding, we need to get our own house in order. I believe we can do this by putting a thorough and transparent governance and performance monitoring system in place. This would ensure that we never see the overrunning costs that we have seen in recent years.”

At the selection meeting Clive set out his campaign for Addiscombe

“As an experienced councillor, I will use my professional and political knowledge to take action on your local issues.

Regeneration of Addiscombe High Streets

I will draw on my own regeneration experience and work with fellow councillors and community organisations to:

  • Improve the street scene and commercial buildings along Cherry Orchard Road and Lower Addiscombe Road
  • Support the Friends of the Glamorgan campaign to bring the pub back into use and look at the possibility of use as a community/cooperative pub
  • Ensure that the Leslie Arms is renovated and brought back into use for the wider community – as promised by the landowner when the owner applied for planning permission
  • Consult on a programme of public street art


I will work with existing residents and tenants to:

  • Seek to re-introduce a Private Landlord Licensing Scheme in areas – like Addiscombe – of acute need
  • Focus on bad landlords and agents and co-ordinate a tough approach, using appropriate housing, environmental, consumer, and planning legislation to deal with serial offenders
  • Work with housing advice organisations to provide co-ordinated advice and follow up action for private rented tenants
  • Ensure council housing in Addiscombe has appropriate investment and is well managed with tenants empowered to hold council to account

A Cleaner and Greener Addiscombe

I will work to improve domestic and commercial refuge collection and street cleaning by:

  • Ensuring Addiscombe residents have their recycling and refuge collected on time, with special attention paid to flats and houses in multiple occupations
  • Adapting the street cleaning programme to make it work for an area with increased footfall from the town centre
  • Monitoring of fly-tipping areas and increased criminal prosecution of repeat offenders – including vehicle seizure
  • Involving schools in a programme of education on a clean and green agenda as part of sustainability targets
  • Promoting LoveCleanStreets app for reporting fly-tipping and follow up action