Interested in a Community Greening Project and live close to Dartnell Road, Addiscombe?

A group of Addiscombe residents, supported by the Friends of Addiscombe Railway Park, have come together to come up with ideas to improve the Dartnell Road Wayside Amenity Site, a small patch of green space, opposite the Davidson Primary School on Dartnell Road.

Addiscombe West Councillors are supporting this new community group, and they have committed part of their Community Ward Budget to help develop ideas to improve the site.

If you live in the roads near this green space you will have received a questionnaire through your door. Please complete the form and return to your local contact for the community group.

If you want to get actively involved in this local community project, please contact them via the Facebook page.

Or you can email the group via the Addiscombe Railway Park Friends group at [email protected].

Or via local councillors at [email protected] We look forward to hearing from you.