Alpha Road Update (29th April 2021)

Residents Meeting 19th April 2021

Following the murders of local resident Tai Jordan O’Donnell on March 3rd 2021, and Reece Young on 30th March 2021, residents of Alpha Road contacted their local MP, Sarah Jones, and local councillors, Jerry Fitzpatrick, Patricia Hay-Justice and Sean Fitzsimons, to see what actions could be taken to improve the safety of local residents. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, a residents meeting was held on the road on Monday 19th April 2021. Attendees included the local Mp, Ward Councillors, and Andy Britton, of the Croydon Borough Commander of Met Police.

Actions agreed:

  1. To contact the move the shrine of one of the victims to the cemetery. The aim was to stop more confrontations from happening, especially at night. (Actioned. Met Police family liaison team contacted the family concerned and flowers and pictures moved to the cemetery).
  2. To install temporary CCTV on one of the lamp-posts to increase surveillance of the street. (Actioned. Temporary CCTV now installed by Croydon Council on one of the lamp posts).
  3. To deter Anti-Social Behaviour and burglaries to put up gates on the private alleyway connecting Alpha Road to Leslie Grove. To work with the house owners that adjoin the alleyway to get the alleyway cleared and agreement to install gates. (in progress: Sarah Jones Mp office contacting landlords and homeowners to get agreement as the alleyway is private land)
  4. To contact Lambeth Council to supports its tenants, as Lambeth rents a number of houses on Alpha Road for use as temporary accommodation. Croydon Council Private Housing Team to inspect the quality of these houses to ensure they meet minimum standards. (Actioned, Lambeth has agreed to additional visits and a joint inspection with Croydon’s Private Housing Team)
  5. To give the community a voice at the Addiscombe West Safer Neighbour Team panel meeting by inviting two residents to join the next meeting. (Actioned, and two residents attended this months panel meeting)

Sarah Jones and local councillors have also dealt with a number of individual queries that residents had, including helping a resident get their car back from the police, which had been taken for forensic analysis.

Follow-up Residents Meeting: April 23rd 2021

Residents of Alpha Road arranged a follow-up meeting with Sarah Jones MP and local councillors on Friday 23rd April 2021. Residents of Leslie Grove also attended the meeting as a number of houses on Leslie Grove back on to the private alleyway that connects to Alpha Road. Residents welcomed the actions taken so far but expressed concerns about street drinking, fly-tipping and drug dealing in the local area. Sarah and the local councillors promised to push for more action to be taken by the police and for more resources to be devoted to the local area. Plus Sarah Jones agreed to contact the council to see what can be done about local private landlords who are not tackling anti-social behaviour by their tenants.

Further meeitngs will be held with residents over the course of the next few months.