Addiscombe Mutual-Aid: How Addiscombe residents are helping our neighbours

Covid-19 has been a trying time for all of us over the last three months, with many of us stuck in our homes, with limited contact with the outside world. We have also seen how Addiscombe residents have risen to the challenge this pandemic has given us, with many people helping out their neighbours, and large numbers of residents volunteering to help the NHS, community groups and local charities.

Across the United Kingdom thousands of people have been forming local Mutual-Aid Groups to help support their neighbours, who are shielding and can’t go to the shops, or at risk of social isolation as family and friends are too far away to help. Virtually every road in Addiscombe area now has an informal WhatsApp group where residents can ask or offer to provide support to their neighbours.

To find the Whatsapp group covering your road in Addiscombe here: you can search this googledoc

As well as the street-based Whatsapp Groups there is an Addiscombe Covid-19 Mutual Aid Group which has a facebook page: Click Here

The co-ordinating Mutual-Aid for Croydon has a website, which has guidelines and resources for those looking to help out HERE